The Ugly Truth About Being A Female Stripper in Detroit…

-Lilly Anna

~ I started stripping two years ago. I don’t fit the typical stereotype of a stripper; I don’t have any children, I don’t do drugs, and my fiancé knows what I do. The decision to strip has everything to do with the $150,000 in school loans I owe to the University of Michigan. My fiancé and I want to get married soon, and we both made the decision to pay off our loans before the wedding. I realize I’m the one to blame for choosing a degree that would never get me the kind of job that would help pay off my massive loans, but I guess I’m that idiot girl who went to college believing it was about going to get an education, and not about going to get a career.

I’ve always been very body positive, and I come from a familywhere nudity was never a big deal. It’s not that my parents are nudists at all, its just that they have always been laid back about it, and they gave me a great environment to grow up in when it came to being comfortable in my own skin.

I used to run track in high school and have always been very fit.I figured my youth and body were good enough to earn some decent money, and it also helps that I’ve been blessed with two veryvoluptuous breasts.

When I first started stripping I had done my homework; don’t use my real name (Lilly Anna is my stripper name), don’t give out my phone number, call the bouncer immediately if any guy gives me the creep or tries to touch me inappropriately, don’t do extra’s no matter how much the guys beg or offer to pay.

The first month I cleared $15,000 and I was ecstatic. I can only imagine how much more I would’ve earned if I would have let guys pullout their thingy in the private room, but I stuck to my scruples and have never given anything but a straight up lap dance. At that rate I was excited because I figured in just over a year I would have my loans paid off and I wouldn’t have to get naked at night anymore.

A few months in I realized the first month was a bit of an aberration; I was the new “pretty girl” and all the guys wanted to “try me out”, but once the regulars (the dudes in the suitswith a lot of money to blow) realized I wasn’t going to budge on doing extras, I was soon relegated to flirting with the newbies whocome into the club every night. I’m still earning decent money, butmy goal of paying off my loans seems like a distant dream, and I’m just about ready to give up stripping.

The dirty truth about stripping in Detroit is that the majority ofgirls do extras. I’ve worked at three high end clubs, and the girls who walk out with 2 to 3 grand a night are doing a lot more in theprivate rooms than merely grinding their pantie clad crotch against aguy’s pants; in other words, the panties come off, along with the dude’s clothes.

While not all the girls are on drugs like the common stereotype,enough of the girls are that I can see why the stereotype developed.Most of the girls have kids or are down on their luck for a variety of reasons and are simply trying to get by in life.

The sheer volume of sex that goes on in the private rooms is staggering when I start to think about it. I’m not a prude, and while I have no intention of ever being a prostitute, I tend to leantowards the camp that says to just go ahead a legalize prostitution already. At least the girls doing it in the clubs are a lot safer than the girls having to do it out on the streets; the chance of being attacked, raped, or beat up in a club is nil.

After the first month or two of stripping I realized there was noway I could live with my fiance coming into a strip club; seeing theway the girls throw themselves at the guys and whisper what they will do to them in the private room for the right price, well, I couldn’t sleep at night if I thought my fiance was banging girls at stripclubs.

This of course led to a bit of hypocrisy on my part, after all,how could I justify getting naked every night in front of strangeguys, and then tell my fiance he wasn’t allowed to visit a strip club himself. It’s been nearly two years, and I think I’m going to quit.I’ve paid off about half of my loans, and there was no way I could have done that much had I not begun stripping. But seeing the girls suck and fuck guys night after night is starting to get to me.Watching them do stuff with guys who they would never give the time of day to in real life seems gross to me.

Strip clubs are definitely not the real world. They are based on a fantasy. And the fantasy for me is starting to fade fast.

*stock image Kermen Tutkunova

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