Cart Before the Horse…

-Book Three
-Chapter Eight

I was once sitting at coffee in between two men arguing about medicine. One of the men was from Asia and prescribed to Eastern medicine and the other was American and of course defended Western medicine. The American could not wrap his brain around the hesitations and trepidation’s the Eastern advocate had toward psychopharmaceutical drugs, in the West such drugs have become so commonplace the term ‘brain candy’ has been used to describe the plethora of various medications used to treat anxiety, depression, and a whole host of different ailments and ‘disorders’. After going back and forth for an hour or so, finally, the Western proponent threw his hands in the air and exclaimed, “You can’t throw out Western medicine and hospitals because what will you do if you break your arm and need it set in a cast or slice your arm open and need stitches!?” The Eastern man looked at him quizzically and calmly said, “sewing up a wound or setting an arm in a sling is not something the West discovered, such medical practice has existed for thousands of years”.

Thus, the basic misunderstanding of the American was that the West had somehow invented certain things that in all actuality have existed for thousands of years in human history. Western science and the scientific method are misunderstood by many people as though it is the means in which all true knowledge came to the modern world. This is of course no surprise since proponents of the scientific method have it in their interest to make it seem like it has only been through science that true ‘facts’ have been discovered. Central to the modern philosophy of the new world is that at some point during recent past, modernity was invented; that is men and women began thinking fundamentally differently than people of the past. In this new world the average person thinks that they are more rational, wiser, or more intellectual than the humans that came before modernity; this is a brazen un-truth, yet it is so woven into the fabric of how people view themselves in the new world it is as real to them that the grass is green.

Before the term ‘scientific method’ ever came into existence, men and women throughout history were using logic and self-evident truth to discover the answers to a great many problems; whether we consider the alpha-numeric system implemented by the ancient Arab peoples, the Architectural feats of the ancient Egyptians, the in-door plumbing and aqueducts of the Romans, the list is virtually endless as to the ingenuity of humanity throughout the ages.

What is often mistaken in the modern world is a simple concept; since it appears so many new industrial, medicinal, ‘scientific’, and technological innovations occurred in the 20th century, a correlational argument is often assumed that because these innovations and inventions occurred in the last 200 years, it must be the scientific principles from the age of modernity that led to their discovery. Many in our day simply assume ‘modernity’ came into existence at some point in recent history, and it was the advent of modernity which led to all of the great advancements that came to mankind. However, this is merely an example of putting the cart before the horse; an assumption has been made that those discoveries could not have occurred without the scientific method being ‘discovered’, yet this assumption is nothing more than what modern scientists claim it to be, an alleged ‘fact’, and as we have seen, ‘facts’ are always in a perilous state of flux at best.

The self-evident truth of the matter is that in the hundred years following the ‘discovery’ of the scientific method, the majority of societies that fully adopted scientific positivism, saw very little change to their society take place. By the year 1900 in Russia, China, most of Europe, and elsewhere; these societies were still either largely agrarian societies, or were relatively still living the same kind of lifestyles as they had a hundred years before. The truly big game changer was the United States of America; it was in America, thanks to a spirit of democracy and liberty that the people had been freed from the bonds of old-world economic systems which gave men more free time than they had ever had in the history of the world; Americans were both incentivized to invent by the economic system as they could keep a larger percentage of the profits connected to their inventions, and also thanks to the American economic system men had more free time to simply sit around and invent things! When anyone writes about the industry and technological innovation that occurred at the end of the 19th through the 20th centuries, one does not spend much time thinking about all of the societies that had embraced fact-based science, but rather, one’s attention is entirely drawn to one specific country on earth; the United States of America. Rose Wilder Lane, the early twentieth century political philosopher, in her book The Discovery of Freedom, explains how she was born in the time of horse and buggy’s, a life not very different from the ancient pagans of the old world, and she explains how as she came into adulthood, she was soon traveling in automobiles and airplanes, marveling at all that Americans had invented since she was a child. After traveling all around the world she pronounced what she saw to be obvious; the rest of the world was still living in the technology of the old world, but thanks to America having discovered freedom and liberty, the United States had created more inventions and technological discoveries, and Wilder-Lane realized this was a result of giving people liberty and freedom. Although she traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle east, she saw that despite many of these countries embracing the scientific method, they were still living the same old world lives as their ancestors had thousands of years before. It wasn’t the discovery of ‘facts’ that led to American ingenuity, it was the “discovery of freedom” said Rose Wilder Lane.

The scientific method did not free the chains of humanity’s minds; the scientific method did not lead modern people into greater depths of intellectuality or wisdom, the scientific method did not lead to the creation of ‘modernity’, in all actuality the exact opposite occurred; as humans moved from a self-evident truth-based philosophy toward a fact-based philosophy, we would see war and evil arise in the 20th century unlike the world had ever experienced.

The simple problem with ‘facts’ is that they are always in a state of flux; because ‘facts’ are not necessarily self-evident truths; the facts are often changing from one day to the next. ‘Facts’ are based on the interpretation of data (evidence), depending on the personal perspective one begins with; the ‘facts’ can be interpreted differently each time. More importantly, because ‘facts’ need a biased person to interpret them, during the 20th century it became a matter of convenience for ‘experts’ to begin ruling over societies and telling them what the ‘facts’ were and how to properly interpret the ‘facts’.

By the time the 21st century arrived humans no longer knew what to believe about anything until the leaders of society told them what ‘facts’ they needed to believe; no longer were humans merely male and female, but a third type was added called ‘trans’, then suddenly the ‘facts’ exploded into 21 different genders. Past heroes of society who were celebrated and revered for hundreds of years were now said to be factually the exact opposite; they were villains, and while in the previous year the community gathered around a statue and had a Founders Day festival, the next year they gathered around the statue and tore it down, breaking it to a million pieces and spitting on the founder’s grave. In previous generations the masculinity of men was celebrated in athletic competition, what the Greeks started thousands of years ago near Mount Olympias to showcase the innate physical masculinity that was born in each male, by the 21st century had been realized to be factually ‘toxic’; innate masculinity in males that was considered a self-evident truth through all the ages was no long something believed to be really present when the baby boy was born according to fact-based thinking, but rather it was said to be something that the parents and society taught their males and this way of thinking needed to be untaught.

At every facet of society, fact-based thinking could alter the way one thinks about anything. Suddenly, no matter what subject was being considered, whether the humanities or the biological sciences, fact-based thinking destroyed previous ideas and more importantly; it destroyed previous ‘facts’ from the year before, and tomorrow fact-based thinking will destroy the very ‘facts’ it utters today.

As was mentioned earlier, the new world did not develop fact-based thinking overnight, it crept upon us over a couple hundred years via many different thinkers, and while all of the men and women in this diverse group varied in a great many ways, at the core of this shift in thinking was one concept that linked them together; a type of religious synergy. Although many of these new thinkers held a multitude of wide-ranging ideas, the religious symbolism they each practiced connected them together in a profound manner; whether physicist, biologist, historian, or doctor, these new world thinkers communicated religious symbolism in all of their experiments, ideas, and writings. What they referred to as ‘fact’, was clouded in religious symbology, because at the core of what they were doing, was in its very essence a religious shift in thinking.

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