The Religion of the Priests…

-Chapter Nineteen

-A weak religious narrative fails society. We’ve seen how religious narratives that focus on wealth and prosperity at the expense of the poor and least of these end up alienating young adults from religion. Priests and ministers of a religion who focus on their own selfish-happiness contribute to the disintegration of culture and society.

Another religious history that fails society is the type of narrative that offers no coherent moral and ethical history for which society can bind itself together and to God. Most modern societies have no unifying historical narrative that binds the people together with a common moral code and reason for existence. Thus, because of a now & now only philosophy, coupled with no historical religious narrative, people groups end up joining factions which war with other factions within the culture; Democrats war with Republicans, black peoples war with white peoples, Muslims war with non-Muslims, Native Americans war with non-Native Americans, progressives war with conservatives, and on and on. The traditional religious narrative was stripped away from most of the Western world leaving the people without a coherent reason for their existence and the resulting conflicts occurred.

For the ancient nation of Israel, unifying their country around the story of God’s creation rallied the people together behind a common sense of existence; God created us from the dust of the earth, we exist to exemplify the good qualities of God and to be a testimony of God’s favor. No matter how we feel about Jewish people and the nation of Israel, their coherent religious narrative not only helped keep the nation bound together during the ancient world, it has kept the myriad of Jews throughout the last two thousand years bound together with a sense of connection despite having been dispersed throughout the whole earth, disconnected from the actual land of Canaan.

The religious narrative of human evolution, which is as old as the ancient Epicureans 2000 years ago, has been the common historical narrative for much of the last three hundred years. Well before Darwin was ever born, the concept of humans evolving from monkeys or primates had solidified among upper class French, German and English throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Well before anything we would recognize as modern-day ‘science’ existed, upper class aristocratic Europeans sought out a religious narrative that would help them to defend their superiority over black African peoples and other people groups, that these self-righteous aristocratic (mostly white) people despised.

The religious narrative of human evolution was an important tool for modern society to justify their now & now only selfish-happiness that deemed their lives being more important than the lives of poor black Africans, indigenous peoples and other people groups that the aristocratic people despised.

Therefore, it is not shocking, but rather expected, when we read Darwin’s Origin of Species and Descent of Man and come face to face with Darwin’s utter contempt and racism toward black Africans and other indigenous peoples and the manner in which he uses their very existence as (sic) evidence of people groups who are closer to monkeys and primates than Darwin and his fellow aristocratic white European fellows.

Since Darwin and his cohorts of the last three hundred years were not seeking a religious narrative to bind all people together, but rather they were seeking a religious narrative to defend their superiority over the people they despised, human evolution became a handy tool to destroy the Christian religion which condemned Darwin and the aristocrats for their selfish-happiness now & now only philosophy.

The religion of Jesus which demanded that Darwin and his (sic) scientific cohorts sell all their possessions, give everything to the poor, and live lives of sacrificial service to their spouses, children, and the least of these was utterly intolerable to upper class European society. Just like modern people who flock to psychologists as a way of justifying their narcissistic desire to think and talk about themselves all the time, so human evolution was for European naturalists a way to defend their narcissistic tendencies of living their lives solely for themselves; selfish-happiness was and is the core tenant of their religion of evolution.

It is no surprise then when we see how readily other narcissistic men in history adopted the religious narrative of evolution to their own worldview, Friedrich Nietzche, Karl Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, the list is endless. These men and more whose sole desire was to either rule over the minds of men, or tyrannically rule over men, all lived textbook lives of narcissism; their selfish-happiness was all that mattered. Their vision of society and government was all that mattered. Their whims and fancies was all that mattered.

None of these men could tolerate Jesus’ admonishment to love one’s enemies and pray for those who persecute you. None of these men could tolerate a religious narrative that demanded sacrificial love and service to God and man. None of these men could handle a religious narrative that demanded they live lives of poverty as a way of truly loving and serving the poor.

The narrative of human evolution always involves a defense of people living a selfish-happy life. It is the ‘other’ rich people that we must rob of their money and give to the poor. It is the ‘other’ middle class people we must tax incessantly and redistribute in social causes. Just as with Darwin and his racist fellow cohorts, the priests of religion want to be worshiped and obeyed. The priests of this new religion want audiences at their colleges and universities so they can come down from their lofty towers to espouse their great ‘scientific’ facts that the plebs must believe, no matter that they change the facts every week, no matter that the facts contradicts the facts incessantly, in the religion of now & now only, nobody in society ever notices.

In the 20th century U.S.S.R. life was miserable and intolerable for the lower classes, but for the priestly politicians in Russia and the government officials, life was sublime; they enjoyed all the privileges of aristocracy without the guilt; because the religion of human evolution justified their privileged state in society. We see the same thing occurring in the United States here in the 21st century; the priestly politicians and priestly professors live lives that the poorer classes can never know, and thanks to their doctrine of human evolution, the politicians and professors never have to feel any guilt for riding in private jets, drinking with each other at exotic conferences and receptions, and living lives of material superiority than all the other people below them. There is no room for the message of Christ and the religion of Christianity among the priestly politicians and priestly professors of our day, such a message would immediately create pangs of guilt and despair within their hearts as they realize how their selfish-happiness is really nothing more than unbridled wickedness.

This religion of science has done far more harm than good. For every person cured of a previously incurable disease, countless thousands of humans are butchered for the sake of progress. For every lower class person who receives a pitiful check from social welfare, a hundred priestly professors are paid to fly to London, Kiev, or Hawaii to eat expensive dinners and postulate their nonsensical scientific musings. The mad ravings of scientific elites is no different than the pagan priests of old; they demand respect and obedience. Question their inconsistent facts and studies and they will destroy your life, ruin your reputation, or ostracize you from their priestly professorial club of elite.

Point out to these pagan priests of science that the religious narrative of human evolution developed over three hundred years without any scientific studies, research, or evidence, and they will foam at the mouth and become crazed lunatics like the demoniac of the Gadarenes. Yet these demoniac’s of science are unchained; instead of keeping these scientific lunatics in an asylum where society can protect them from themselves and others, we elect them to positions of authority in politics and appoint them as deans and professors at universities.

The religion of human evolution is one of the weakest religious narratives crafted throughout the annals of human history. Yet despite its illogic, racism, and hatred of the poor and lowly, it has become the predominate religion of the upper class priests of Western culture. No other religious narrative so perfectly justifies the selfish-happiness that the priests of the modern age crave so deeply. No other religious narrative so perfectly exemplified the requirements for a religion that rejects self-sacrifice, rejects the dignity of unborn children, and creates embedded social conflicts and class warfare that the religion of human evolution accomplishes.

The great tragedy of the modern age is that the lower classes allow the purveyors of this evil religion to postulate it from their bully pulpits in grade schools, high schools, universities and political houses of government.

Fortunately the best is yet to come.

*Stock image Alessio Ferretti

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